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Enjoy your music even more through a pair of free headphones. Start Listening.

How to get your headphones straight from Amazon, for free.

Step-by-step guide with video showing the earphones I received.



1. Click on the link opposite and register for free ——> Free Headphones (You will only be asked for¬†your address so your headphones can be sent to you. No bank account or paypal required.)


Confirm E-Mail

2. After you have registered go to your email inbox and confirm your email address by clicking the link. (If you don’t see it check your spam folder).

Get Your Headphones!

3. If you have successfully confirmed your email and registered with real valid information you should get 250 points into your account. (Points can be used to order things from amazon, such as headphones/earphones or anything else you want).

How to order your pair of free headphones - Watch the short video below (w/ proof) or click here.

1.Click on the “Spend Points” tab at the top of the page of the site.
2.Once the page loads in the “search for” box type “headphones” and hit enter. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the product code from Amazon. Watch the video to see how to do this.
3.You should see a range of headphones/earphones now.
4.You should see a link under the item that says “x new available from x points” x being the amount available at the time and from the lowest amount.
5.Click this then find one that is the cheapest and has free shipping and click “Add to Cart”.
6.Once in your cart scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Purchase rewards with your points”

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