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Here are some frequently asked questions

Q: Does this really work and is it completely free?

A: Yes, it is completely free to use. There are many ways to earn points. It works with different advertisers. They give the site their banners, and their links. The site then has members who are interested in that offer who use the link to that offer. When that offer is used, the site gets paid for sending the customer to that website. When the site gets paid, we pay a big portion of that to the members who complete the offers.

Q: Does it cost money to sign up?

A: No, it doesn’t. It’s a free membership.

Q: Can I join without a credit card?

A: Joining does not require a credit card.

Q: What makes the site so unique?


  • Redeem your points directly at!
  • Many exclusive advertisers you will not find on cash sites!
  • orders are sent daily and without shipping costs!
  • We offer you the highest payout of all sites!
  • Receive 250 points (worth $2.50) on registration on Points2shop or $0.50 on Cashle!
  • Three ref. levels for American members: 15%, 3%, 2%
  • Receive up to $1.00 for every American you refer!
  • Fast and friendly support by site, email address, IM and Shoutbox!